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Randi Reiss-McCormack: A Visceral Pursuit

The physical exhibition will be open from September 1 - 26 at the The Painting Center (547 West 27th Street. Suite 500 New York City, New York).

In the meantime, the exhibit is posted on Then Painting Center and Artsy and you can click the link below to see it.

Randi Reiss-McCormack: A Visceral Pursuit - Online Exclusive Exhibition

Excerpt from catalogue essay by Amy Eva Raehse:

“Randi Reiss-McCormack’s work develops in this way. It is imbued with a startling complexity and humanity that is about seeing because it reinforces a basic tenant: The more one looks, the more one sees. Similar to the implication of Tjukurpa, McCormack’s paintings and textile works resist the containment of a singular category. The effect of looking is instant, but the works reveal themselves slowly--bringing along a plasticity of natural forms, meandering line, shape, pigments, texture, and volume; combining to create multidimensional abstract, gestural compositions. No matter the origins of her forms or her points of departure, Randi Reiss McCormack’s practice is the pretext for seeing as an active, rather than a passive, act. This is why she has remained open to experimentation in both subject and material, making her work an affecting reminder of our own ephemeral reflections and emotions, bounded to our own materiality- our own flesh-- as much as our cultural foundations. And so, the deep but elusive nature of her work, the “push and pull” of space, and her metamorphosed forms that appear as quickly as they dissolve back into their luscious surfaces cause ruminations on Tjukurpa.”


Lift Off, rug tufted painting with punch embroidery, 5'X4' 2019

A Visceral Pursuit, mixed-media exhibition at The Painting Center, NYC



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installation exhibit Ohio.jpg

Mutual Aid, a group exhibition Lemmon Gallery, Kent State, Stark, Ohio, 2108

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